Night University 2022

Professor Ton Wilthagen and student Ruud Lathouwers write essay about Human Nature

Published: 02nd May 2022 Last updated: 04th May 2022

Thursday 19 May Night University will take place. This year’s theme is Human Nature. Professor Ton Wilthagen and student Ruud Lathouwers were inspired by this theme and decided to write an essay for this occasion, titled ‘Human nature, human (in)competencies and the prospects of non-human intelligence’.

Wilthagen and Lathouwers dive into the concept of human nature. Who are we? What makes us tick? Are we good-natured or bad-natured? Are the current (and past) shadows hanging over our society caused by the unknown dark side of our personality? The authors are looking for some clues that might contribute to understanding the competencies or incompetencies that humankind has shown in managing life on earth. Next, they will look at what our human nature has brought us. Have we become the creators or the destroyers of our world? Whatever it may be, as they will conclude, we, as humans, face challenges that we may not be capable of solving by ourselves. Finally Wilthagen and Lathouwers explore whether AI (Artificial Intelligence) may be the solution. Can machines help us overcome our human weaknesses and biases?

Human Nature - Night University essay






If you want to dive into the theme of Night University, this essay is a solid start! So, take a good seat and start reading!

Read the essay here


Night University 2022

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