Cocktails workshop

Tempting cocktails!!!

Date: Time: 21:00 Location: Cube, coffee corner

WORKSHOP - Get a grip on the tactics of alcohol companies, and get introduced to non-alcoholic drinks that can be just as tempting and exciting in this spectacular workshop! (language: Dutch)

What would Night University and Temptation be without tempting cocktails? But make no mistake: these cocktails are alcohol-free! In a flash lecture, Tranzo researcher Rob Bovens, who used to be involved in anti-alcohol campaigns in the Netherlands and is best known for his research on the IkPas –campaign (the Dutch equivalent of Dry January, a public health campaign stimulating people to abstain from alcohol in the month of January), takes us on a tour of the tactics alcohol companies use to tempt the general public to drink wine and beer. He will introduce you to non-alcoholic beverages that are every bit as tempting and exciting as regular cocktails. He does so together with Arvid Bruinier, one of the best Dutch Flairtenders (bartenders who entertain guests while mixing drinks), who, for many years, in collaboration with the Trimbos Institute, supplied the people at the annual Pinkpop music festival with non-alcoholic beverages in a playful and dazzling manner, using recipes developed by well-known Dutch chef Pierre Wind.

More details

  • Speakers: Rob Bovens (Tranzo) and Arvid Bruinier
  • Category: Workshop
  • Language: Dutch
  • End time: 21:45 hrs.
  • Organized by: Tranzo, the scientific center for care and well-being of the Tilburg University School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.