Night University

Cooperation in the global era

Date: Time: 20:30 Location: Zwijsen building

NIGHT TALK - According to philosopher Michael Vlerick the time has come for a global social contract. He will explain and discuss why this is no utopia. (language: English)

To tackle big societal challenges, such as climate change, overpopulation, migration, and poverty, we have to collaborate on a global scale. The current international political context, where free-riding behavior seems to reign supreme, shows that worldwide cooperation is not an easy feat. Not surprisingly so, states Michael Vlerick, since cooperating beyond the boundaries of our groups is not what we evolved to do.

In his book De tweede vervreemding, Michael Vlerick shows that efficient and legitimate global collaboration is nevertheless no utopia. In fact, we have all the means at our disposal to make it happen. The time has come for a global social contract.

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