Night University

Digital nudging for health

Date: Time: 19:30 Location: Cube 217

NIGHT TALK - On the latest scientific insights with regard to digital nudges for health. Including small thought experiments, including a look at crucial empirical and ethical issues (language: English).

Nudges are small, intentional changes introduced into the ‘choice architecture’ that we are presented with, meant to steer us in a particular direction. For example, in a shop where, instead of donuts, apples are placed at eye-level, we are more likely to pick the healthier option. In this interactive session, we discuss the promises and challenges involved in the use of health-promoting nudges. You hear about the latest scientific insights on these nudges, you can take part in  small thought experiments, and in a discussion on crucial empirical and ethical issues surrounding digital nudges for health. To what extent do they actually work? Are they always morally desirable? And what about digital personalized nudges, based on data on our online or offline behavior? With philosopher Bart Engelen and Nynke van der Laan, Associate Professor of Digital Health Communication.

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