Night University

Femme Fatale in Negotiations

Date: Time: 19:15 Location: DZ-1, Dante building

NIGHT TALK - Are female charms a powerful weapon in negotiations? Per van de Wijst will guide you through the pros and cons of flirting as a negotiation strategy (language: English).

The Greek hero Odysseus had to be tied down to resist the temptations of the Sirens. Cleopatra was able to seduce mighty Romans. Female charms can be a powerful weapon. Could this also be the case in negotiations? Women often struggle in negotiations with men, but would they still find themselves doing that if they  used flirting as a strategy? Several studies have focused on the effects of flirting during negotiations. Researchers have compared verbal as well as  non-verbal flirting signs and studied their effects on men and women during negotiations. There appears to be a difference here between the two genders… Per van der Wijst, researcher in the Department of Communication & Cognition, will guide you through the pros and cons of flirting during negotiations.

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