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Making youth resilient to crime

Date: Time: 19:30 Location: Cube 20

NIGHT TALK - Criminals recruit a large number of their criminal staff among young people, including university students. How does that work? A conversation with criminologist Toine Spapens and Tibor Fijnaut from Taskforce Brabant Zeeland. (language: Dutch)

It has been known for a long time that criminal organizations make frequent use of "local" personnel, such as truck drivers, electricians, and car dealers. There are many professionals that are useful to criminals in one way or another. But personnel is also recruited in secondary and higher vocational education, and even at universities. Are we dealing with temptation here or are young people set up and trapped, tricked into working for them? And more importantly, what can we do about this? In this Night Talk, we discuss how criminal organizations operate. Leonie Willemsen, Subversion Program Manager of the Municipality of Tilburg, interviews Toine Spapens, Professor of Criminology, and Tibor Fijnaut, former criminal investigator and Program Manager Subversion in the Heart of Brabant Region.


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  • Interview:  Professor of Criminology Toine Spapens  and former criminal investigator Tibor Fijnaut. Interviewer: Leonie Willemsen
  • Category: Night Talk
  • Language: Dutch
  • End time: 20:15 hrs.
  • Organized by: Impactprogramma (Tilburg University) & Municipality of Tilburg