Night University

Temptations of Student Life

Date: Time: 19:30 Location: DZ-5, Dante building (walk-in)

EXPERIENCE - Are you able to withstand the temptations of student life? Play the Game of Student Life and get that coveted diploma! (language: English)

Go to  the library, or lie in a little longer? Spend the night  studying or  joining your friends at the bar? Are you getting a salad or  ordering yourself a pizza? In The Game of Student Life, you’re the one that decides. Choose wisely and get that coveted diploma!

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  • Speaker: n.v.t.
  • Category: Experience
  • Language: English
  • End time: 23:30 hrs.
  • Organised by: Student Associations Olof, Plato, I*ESN en Vidar