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Why do people cheat?

Date: Time: 21:45 Location: Zwijsen building

NIGHT TALK - What can we learn from the history of adultery about our view of love? (language: Dutch)

Listen to what theologian Liesbeth Jansen has to say about the history of adultery and what that history tells us about our perception of love.

In the history of humankind, cheating has been viewed as sinful, as normal, and even as the only form of true love. Today cheating is often regarded as a by-product of a long-term relationship. It is the complexity of relationships that is at play here. That complexity is the result of the contradictory expectations we have of relationships: we want adventure as much as we want security – and from a single person. Also, never before has our identity been so strongly shaped by our romantic relationships as is the case today, and that makes adultery so much more hurtful. Can we create a new perspective on cheating? And could that perspective be inspired by centuries-old Christian texts?

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  • Speaker: Liesbeth Jansen
  • Category: Night Talk
  • Language: Dutch
  • End time: 22:30 hrs.
  • Organized by: Academic Forum and St. Olof