Night University 2021

Information for participants Night University

Night University is the annual science festival of Tilburg University.

Program contributions policy

The organization of science festival Night University sent an open invitation to research institutes, faculties, departments, and course-related study associations of Tilburg University. They are invited to represent and illustrate Tilburg science and education, and to connect with an interested audience. Also there is a very limited number of public partners invited that deals with advancing society with science.

Other science and student-oriented organizations are free to propose a contribution to Night University. The program commission will select in favor of the profile of the science festival. Proposals should strengthen the science component of the festival and/or contribute to the idea of the living campus. Due to the corona situation, we are forced to be extra selective with the proposals. There are only limited possibilities. Still, ideas for live experiments and (outdoor) performances are extra welcome.

If you have a concrete proposal, please send it before 21 June 2021, to:

Corona situation

For the upcoming edition we need to take the corona situation into account. The outlook for the autumn is positive, but we must be able to have the festival take place in a safe manner, in line with the then applicable administrative guidelines. This means, among other things, that we introduce more spread in the program in advance, both physically and in terms of timing, and that we plan fewer sessions than we’re used to. And, to have a grip on audience numbers, visitors are asked to register for the various sessions in due course. In other cases, ushers will control the number of visitors allowed. All of this is subject to further restrictions when the (corona) circumstances require so.

[latest update: 20 May 2021]