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Presentation Portrait Series Women in Academia

Date: Time: 16:00 Location: Academia Building

Tilburg University celebrates International Women's Day with the presentation of a powerful and expressive series of linocut portraits of Women in Academia. Artist Ivo van Leeuwen portrayed the Philip Eijlander Diversity Fellows. (English)

Time: 16:00-17:00 hrs.  
Admission is free, registration is recommended

Every year, Tilburg University celebrates International Women's Day with an activity that gives visibility to gender equality and diversity. This year we take visibility literally: portraits were made of the Philip Eijlander Diversity Fellows to enrich the portrait series that the university has - mostly of men - with colorful portraits of women in academia.

You are kindly invited to attend the festive presentation.

Program on 8 March, International Women’s Day

16:00 - On the emancipatory character of our university

16:10 - On art and culture on campus

16:15 - Interview with the artist Ivo van Leeuwen

16:20 - Unveiling of the linocut portrait series

16:25 - The Fellows and Schools receive an edition

16:30 - Drinks

17:00 - End

Philip Eijlander Diversity Program

The Philip Eijlander Diversity Program has increased the inflow of (inter)national women in higher academic positions, by creating 19 extra positions on the level of full, associate and assistant professor. These talented scientists advance the research agendas of all five the Schools. The overall goal is an inclusive work climate where quality prevails.

Ivo van Leeuwen

Tilburg-based artist Ivo van Leeuwen (1969) is a graphic artist, painter, and illustrator, specializing in portraits. As a technique he uses the linocut, where an image is 'cut out' in a piece of linoleum.

The portrayed Fellows

Ivo van Leeuwen created portraits of - in alphabetical order - Mariek Vanden Abeele (TSHD), Yvonne Brehmer (TSB), Monique van Dijk-Groeneboer (TST), Leena Grover (TLS), Eleni Kosta (TLS), Nynke van der Laan (TSHD), Anne Lafarre (TLS), Carol Ou (TiSEM), Carla De Pietro (TiSEM), Wendy Powell (TSHD), Juliëtte Schaafsma (TSHD), Maureen Sie (TSHD), Tatiana Sokolova (TiSEM), Caroline Vander Stichele (TST), Linnet Taylor (TLS) and Wendy van der Valk (TiSEM).

Tatiana Sokolova - linosnede Ivo van Leeuwen

More information

This presentation is organized by HR Policy Staf (Tilburg University) in cooperation with Studium Generale.

* For students, this presentation does not count towards the SG-Certificate


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