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The Price of Your Data*

Date: Time: 19:15 Location: Dz 1, Dante Building, Tilburg University

Is the internet really free? Join us at this symposium to learn all about the societal impact and ethical implications of the targeted use of your personal data by governments and businesses. (language: English)

Time: 19:15-21:30 hrs.  See also Facebook.
Admission is free , no registration required.

The right to privacy

Fundamentally, human beings have the right to privacy: online as well as offline. We expect businesses to respect our rights, and governments to protect them. However, as data analytics and online culture play increasingly bigger roles in the global economy and politics, the question arises: are we buying our online freedom with our own personal data?

Targeted use of personal data

The right to privacy does not mean there are no limits to your anonymity; most national governments impose certain restrictions. It also does not prevent big businesses from using the information they have to target you with personally tailored advertisements. But when are these practices actually lawful, or even ethical?

From hunting down live-streaming terrorists, to personalized political advertising, to censoring nudity, to prosecuting people who post even the slightest anti-government statement: what are the possible consequences, responsibilities and implications that come with the targeted use of personal data?


  • The moderator for this event is prof. Morag Goodwin.
  • Gargi Sharma will take us through the fundamental challenges of protecting online rights and shine a light on the stakeholders in this essentially 21st century problem of data protection.
  • Dr. Piia Varis will talk about the effects that this discussion at large has on online culture, and the way people behave online.
  • Dr. Bart Engelen will discuss possible circumstances under which certain kinds of targeted uses of personal data can be ethically justifiable.

Every speaker will provide a short, 30-minute lecture, after which there will be a panel discussion.


This event is organized by student associations ELSA and STAI, and Academic Forum (Tilburg University).

Contact: Oskar Knötschke & Annelieke Koster (Academic Forum).

* This event may count for students Tilburg University towards the Academic Forum Certificate.