Edouard Louis

Q&A with Édouard Louis: on Poverty and Inequality

Date: Time: 15:45 Location: Blackbox, Esplanade building (Tilburg University)

Join us for an inspiring Q&A with internationally renowned writer Édouard Louis. His capacity to convey the hardships of a life marked by poverty and inequality is unparalleled. Only for students (wherever you study) and Tilburg University staff. (English / SG-Certificate*)

Time: 15:45-17:15 hrs.  
Admission is free, registration required.

The registration for this Q&A-meeting is closed.


Autobiography has always been the genre for the oppressed

Édouard Louis, NRC 29-6-2023

About Édouard Louis

Édouard Louis, born Eddy Bellegueule (1992), grew up in northern France and is the author of several bestselling books, including ‘The End of Eddy’, ‘History of Violence’ and ‘Who Killed My Father’. 

His deeply autobiographical writings touch upon themes like growing up in poverty, class-based violence, navigating homosexuality in a homophobic environment, and the flight to a different way of life, with all its ensuing consequences. Édouard Louis books have been translated into more than thirty languages, solidifying his status as one of the most celebrated writers of his generation on a global scale. His autobiographical approach provides a voice for those who are not usually heard.


15:45-16:45: interactive Q&A moderated by philosopher dr. Roos Slegers

16:45-17.15: (book) signing session and optional free drink at Grand Café Esplanade. 

Shift Talks Festival 2023

Fairly shall we share everything? Can we still imagine this? And how should we do that? These questions take center stage at the Shift Talks Festival 2023 in Den Bosch. Prior to this Q&A at Tilburg University, Édouard Louis will deliver his keynote speech as part of the Shift Talks Festival on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch. For this event, all interested parties are welcome to attend.

In the days surrounding Édouard Louis' keynote speech, various guests will discuss his ideas and there will be numerous performances, meetings and documentaries. For more information, visit the Shift Talks website.

More information

The program is organized by Studium Generale together with Shift Talks Festival, and in cooperation with the student associations Sapientia Ludenda en The Umbrella Association

Contact: Hannah van den Bosch (Studium Generale).

Picture Édouard Louis (c) Jean Francois Robert

* For students, this Q&A may count towards the SG-Certificate. Check the SG-Certificate website for all the terms and conditions. 

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