SG Culture Club - Cello Concert by Sounding Bodies, PART I

Date: Time: 12:15 Location: Zwijsen building, Tilburg University

The multidisciplinary Sounding Bodies uses the power of music. Art and music can help people connect with themselves and others. Experience what happens when you relax and open up your senses at the Cello Lunch Concert. (English)

Time: 12:15 - 12:45 hrs. 
Free entrance, secure your seat from 12:00 hrs. onwards.

Jacqueline Hamelink is a celebrated cellist, a passionate performer and the always exploring artistic director of Sounding Bodies. “I love touching the strings and removing the barriers between the heart and the mind”. She knows how to make classical music accessible and interesting for a new audience. With a short introduction that preps your concentration and stirs your curiosity, she will warm you up for the concert.

Interdisciplinary Art: Sound & Vision

At the beautiful and intimate Zwijsen building, Jacqueline Hamelink will then perform KlankKleur/Tone Color by letting her cello enter into a musical improvisation with two artworks in the room. Through her cello and loopstation, she interprets the artworks by Marc Mulders: translating vision in sound.
By combining art and music, your viewing and listening experience is intensified. What will it bring you? Can music help you grasp the meaning of art, does it add a new poetic layer, or does it make art even more mysterious? Come and find out for yourself during this short lunch concert.

Tip: Sound & Happy App

Always creating and producing new projects, Sounding Bodies developed the soundandhappy.app. In just two steps the app scans your current mood and asks how you would like to feel. The app then chooses a piece of music that fits your needs. The goal is to help you create a moment for yourself and work on positive health through music.

Cello Lunch Concert, PART II

On September 27, Jacqueline Hamelink will interpret the colorful textile artworks by Sigrid Calon: Weaving Minds & Characters.

For your agenda: September 27, 12.15 – 12:45 hrs, CUBE

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