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SG Culture Club - Ambient Concert by Mathijs Leeuwis

Date: Time: 12:15 Location: Zwijsen building, Tilburg University

With his mesmerizing music, Mathijs Leeuwis brings sound to life. We’re pleased that he will play at our campus, after gigs at the festivals Roadburn, Cement and Rewire. At this intimate SG Culture Club lunch concert, you can immerse in his wonderful analogue soundscapes. (English)

Time: 12:15 - 12:45 hrs. 
Free entrance, secure your seat from 12:00 hrs. onwards.

Born in Waalwijk and living in Tilburg for a long time now, Mathijs Leeuwis started out as a bright singer songwriter and as a gifted guitarist in a garage band. Slowly his focus shifted to instrumental music. He started to build analogue sound installations in which tape loops, pedal steel guitar and ambient sounds are transformed into new soundscapes.

Mathijs Leeuwis: "Improbable roads lead to the most interesting destinations. The engine behind these apparently random movements is always the same question: What else is there?" 

City Composer of Tilburg

The original and accessible compositions convinced concert organization De Link and the Province of North Brabant to appoint Mathijs Leeuwis as the City Composer of Tilburg. In the analogue recording Studio Het Concreet, housed in Dock Zuid, he experiments and collaborates with many creative makers in and around Tilburg.

You can choose

During the concert, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful music or take on an active role in adding meaning to the abstract sounds. What ideas and emotions does the music arouse in you? For Mathijs Leeuwis, each concert can bring new vision, skill, and experience. Therefore, we invite you to open your mind and your senses, and – after the concert –  exchange what moves you.

SG Culture Club

Studium Generale (SG) nurtures your curiosity with a wide range of film, music, art, literature, theatre, comedy, opera, performance & circus, poetry & spoken word.

At the SG Culture Club you can immerse in enriching experiences; meet and connect; open your mind and your senses; gain insights and energy; exchange what moves you; and most of all enjoy yourself.

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More information

SG Culture Club is organized by Studium Generale in cooperation with the SG Student Culture Committee.

Contact: Ilja Hijink (Studium Generale).

Photo © William van der Voort

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