Academic Forum - The Social Basis of Nostalgia

All you need to know about… The Social Basis of Nostalgia*

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Portrait Room, Cobbenhagen Building, Tilburg University

‘Ah, the good old days ...’ Many people think that the olden days were really the golden days. Sociologist Peter Achterberg will unfold why people are prone to nostalgia. (language: English)

Time: 13:00-14:00 hrs.
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Dutch people want a society that is more harmonious

‘Ah, the good old days ...’ Many people think that the olden days were really the golden days. Just think of the rise in Barbershops specializing in fifties’ hairstyles for men or the popularity of old-time favorite pop music, also among youngsters. And in political spheres, you see tendencies to glamorize the ‘good old days’. Ambitions to leave the European Union and go back to the pre-Euro era seem to refer to lost glory. Dutch people, and citizens of other countries as well, want a society that is more harmonious, less complex, and less stressful, a world where you can simply be happy. But who exactly is prone to nostalgia? What factors make you sensitive, or averse, to nostalgia?

Professor of Sociology Peter Achterberg will unfold research that he has recently conducted together with sociologist Bram Peper.

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