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Stigmatization of Mental Health in the Workplace

Date: Time: 19:00 Location: DZ 1, Dante building, Tilburg University

Mental health issues are widespread and can be treated. Why then don't we discuss them as openly as diseases like diabetes or asthma? What are we afraid of? What to do about stigma at work? Join this panel discussion on workplace mental health stigma to learn more. (English / SG-Certificate*)

Time: 19:00-20:15 hrs.  

Admission is free (no registration required)

Mental Health

Many of us are struggling with the storm, raging inside our head. In addition, we must survive the dynamics of social life, managing our emotions and keeping up appearances to avoid the harsh scrutiny of our peers.


Students have so far experienced how to cope with these struggles in combination with university life, but how will they deal with this when they enter the professional workforce?

Many workers conceal their situations, even in the most progressive workplaces. They can be concerned that disclosing their issues would damage their reputation, sour their professional connections, or even cost them their jobs if they do.

Panel discussion

We will explore questions about “Stigmatization of Mental Health in the Workplace” during this panel discussion. The panel consists of experts in Social Psychology and Human Resources. You, the audience, will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your ideas and experiences (if you feel like it).

Our experts

  • Thorsten Ehrle

    Thorsten Ehrle

    Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Psychology

    Thorsten Ehrle is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University. He is interested in how we understand others and develop empathy for them, particularly by means of perspective-taking. In his work, he seeks to understand the mechanisms underlying these social cognitions, and what their consequences are, for example, for mental health & well-being.

  • Jessica Rits

    Jessica Rits

    Communications specialist & trainer

    Jessica Rits is a communications specialist, trainer and expert by experience. Over a decade ago, she faced severe depression twice. She recovered well and found a new balance in her life. Today, she gives mental health advice, trainings, workshops, guest lectures with her own company MerkVaardig.

The Red Cross Student Desk

The topic of this meeting was chosen by the students of the Red Cross Student Desk. They feel it is important because: “mental illness is always a struggle. It creates a plethora of additional challenges that a person has to deal with on a day to day basis. But despite that, mentally ill individuals still have the basic needs of everyone else; security, autonomy, to create and to connect with those around them, to name a few. The negative stigma people can hold makes it more difficult for people to achieve that. Even worse, it hinders the recovery process and makes the existing problems even worse. Nobody likes to be alone, to be shunned, mocked and ignored. It is therefore important to make this phenomenon known, so that we can prevent it from harming the vulnerable.”

Rode Kruis Studentendesk Tilburg

The Red Cross Studentdesk Tilburg forms a link between the Red Cross and Tilburg Students. They give students who are attracted to the voluntary work and objectives of the Red Cross, the opportunity to combine this with their studies. They organize a broad spectrum of projects such as a humanitarian law lecture, the REDx Mental Health symposium, first aid courses for primary schools, or self-defense classes for women, as well as collecting donations for the food bank or clothes for refugees.

More information

This panel discussion is organized by Studium Generale in cooperation with the Red Cross Student Desk Tilburg.

Contact: Annelieke Koster (Studium Generale).

* For students, this lecture may count towards the SG-Certificate. Check the SG-Certificate website for all the terms and conditions.

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