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Streaming a New Reality

Date: Time: 14:45 Location: Blackbox, Esplanade building, Tilburg University

Over the years, the art of storytelling has not changed much, but its medium sure has. Especially new technologies, like streaming and virtual reality, now allow stories to touch us in remarkable ways. Are we ready for a new reality? Find out during this Flow Symposium. (English / SG-Certificate*)

Time: 14:45-17:15 hrs.  
Admission is free, registration required (limited number of seats, full is full)

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A new reality

Throughout time, humans have found comfort in tales and stories. But how we tell those stories has changed substantially, especially now we are able to make use of all kinds of innovative technologies that can aid our storytelling. How does excessive and structural streaming of all kinds of series and films influence our lives? Will virtual reality eventually enable us to truly live in the stories that others tell us? How will we as human beings react to this new way of life? In what other ways will we be affected by it?


During this symposium we will look into these and many more questions about the topic of streaming, by exploring its impact on society from three different perspectives. 

First we look at the past, present and future of streaming, then we look at its societal effects, which is followed by a discussion about the up- and downsides of streaming. We will conclude the symposium with an interactive panel discussion among field-experts.

14.45 Welcome and opening

14.50 Nathan Wildman. How game-streaming affects us: reflecting upon the past and present of streaming possibilities

15.30 George Knox. Spotify’s influence: music streaming in our daily life.

16.05 Short break with VR experience

16.20 Paneldiscussie i.s.m. Mindlabs

17.15 End

After the symposium there will be an optional drink in Grand Café Esplanade from 17.15h until 18.15h.


Nathan Wildman

Nathan Wildman is Assistant Professor at Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, for the Philosophy department.

He is also a member of TiLPS – the Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Sciences.

Prior to coming to Tilburg, he was a University Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow and Hamburg. His research interests include interactive fiction, videogames and virtual reality.

George Knox

George Knox is an Associate Professor at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management department.

Before coming to Tilburg, he was a marketing lecturer at Drexel University.

His research interest concerns consumer decision making in video stores and behavior regarding music streaming.

More information

This lecture is organized by Studium Generale in cooperation with study association Flow and Mindlabs.

Contact: Hannah van den Bosch (Studium Generale).

Picture © Lucrezia Carnelos

* For students, this lecture may count towards the SG-Certificate. Check the SG-Certificate website for all the terms and conditions.

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