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Are you student at Tilburg University, and do you want your CV to show how you foster your broad academic curiosity? Convince your future employer of your interest in current themes, surprising perspectives, and in-depth analysis with the Studium Generale Certificate!

  • You are a Tilburg University student.
  • Registration via the online form is required for participation in the certificate program.
    Register here for participation in the SG-Certificate program
  • Take part in at least five selected Studium Generale events (with the mention of SG-Certificate in the lead text) within the academic year 2023-2024;
  • You are expected to participate in the entire event (offline/live-stream) or to watch the whole event (in case a recording is made available online afterwards by Studium Generale).
    Please take notice: concerning the recordings, only events from the 2023/2024 academic year (September 2023-June 2024) do count!
  • Report. For each of those five events, write a short text (130-170 words) on what you have learned. In what ways has this program broadened your horizon? How and why has the program made you think more critically and/or changed your mind? As we encourage students to not just summarize each program, end each text with a (critical) follow up question to (one of) the speaker(s). The report must be formulated in your own words. Cribbing and copied text will not be accepted. Your report may be written in Dutch and/or English. 
    Your complete report - one document in Word or pdf, containing all five texts on the events you have selected - needs to be handed in on July 1, 2024, (before 9:00 hrs.) at the latest, via the link below.
    Submit your report here
  • The submitted reports will be assessed on July 15, 2024, at the latest, after which - if the assessment is positive - the certificate will be made available as soon as possible.
  • Those who have already completed five events in the first semester can receive their assessment earlier. In that case, the submission deadline for the report is January 1, 2024. The results will be available on January 15, 2024.

The certificate is an initiative of Studium Generale (Tilburg University), intended to stimulate a broader awareness and personal development among students of the university. The certificate is not part of the regular curriculum (no credits) but is aimed to complement it. If the above criteria and conditions are successfully met, a hard copy certificate will be issued at the end of the academic year, and you will receive an edubadge, as proof of your broad academic interest during your studies at Tilburg University. The certificate is free, and so are the events, with a few exceptions.

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