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Stukafest TV

Date: Time: 20:00 Location: Online via livestream

Do you like to discover artistic talent? Then you should not miss the Stukafest student room festival! Live online from Tilburg, Nijmegen and Middelburg there are numerous performances. (English & Dutch)

Time: 20:00-23:30 hrs.
Online via live stream

There is music, dance, poetry, theater, cabaret and more. You can put together your own program of three performances. In between the live performances there are short videos with "behind the scenes", interviews with artists, hotspots from each city and of course a look at different student rooms!

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Free admission!

This year, admission is free for students who study in Tilburg! Then register before Friday 5 February at 12.00hrs (CET) via the registration form. If you are just too late, the entrance fee is 2 euros, go to the site

Your own program

Put together your own Stukafest adventure and choose three acts that you are curious about. Below you will find some of the nine acts in total, so more info will follow. For the most up-to-date info see

The line-up:

  • Jannes - Stukafest

    Mariah B.C. and his supermarket society


    Mariah B.C. and his supermarket society is a brand new garage punk band. They all studied at the Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg: frontman Jannes van Kaam (FFOOSS and Bongloard), singer and guitarist Isabelle van Beek (YSA), drummer Timo de Wit and bass player Emiel Brinkgreve. Picture: Jorie Slagmolen


  • Eva Geia Huisman - Stukafest

    Eva Geia Huisman


    Eva makes connections with her Australian aboriginal roots in her solo work "Indigenous Heritage". She takes you into her world and knows how to transfer her energy to others. As a dancer, Eva is characterized by softness, strength and mystery. As a dance maker, she knows how to make you think without words. Picture: Noor van Gestel

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  • Ike Krijnen - Stukafest

    Ike Krijnen

    Spoken Word

    Ike is a poet and performing artist, but also an editor from IG Karfield, an English-language writer. Sometimes he borrows a poem from Mr. Karfield and translates it freely into Dutch. Mr. Karfield writes about and from the elements of nature: art, revolution, sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. His style is experimental, bouncy, elusive, sometimes otherworldly.

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  • Broken Toaster Records

    Broken Toaster Records


    Performance art collective Broken Toaster Records consists of Kasper van Moll, Jelle Slof and Ide André. Since 2015 they make custom made performances who follow the principles of the band. For StukafestTV, Broken Toaster Records made an unique mix of their discography, which now already exists of more than 40 albums.

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  • Cloudsurfers



    Cloudsurfers is a dangerous tasty mix of sunny surf and heavy punk. Manic guitar passages and grungy vocals are propelled by a flaming rhythm section. Cloudsurfers mixes the unpredictability of Pulp Fiction, the sweatiness of Oh Sees, and the garage pop of Together Pangea: That’s a pretty fucking good milkshake!

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  • Roi Soleil

    Roi Soleil


    Roi Soleil is a gold-clad icon, inspired by pop culture, drag-/gay culture and French history. Roi Soleil (Matthijs Rijsdijk – vocals, keys and playing) makes Frenglish pop music with a dash of queer glitter. He performed at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2020 with his performance ‘Messe’. But now we’re in luck, because the king is coming to Stukafest!

  • Marc Buren

    Marc Buren

    Spoken Word

    Marc Buren from Vlissingen has been listening to rap and writing lyrics himself since primary school. Some of the artists that inspired him are Rico & Sticks (Opgezwolle), Eminem, Dire straits, Limp Bizkit and Bob Marley. He likes to tackle spoken word in calm manner, without accompaniment enabling him to take his own pace. Clam, peaceful and clear is his motto. In Dutch.

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  • Gyna & Hannah

    Gyna & Hannah


    For Stukafest, Gyna and Hannah prepared a Contemporary Dance piece through which they would like to share their view on society. Gyna and Hannah are students at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg. They started dancing at a young age and have loved it ever since. In 2021 they both will also start studying at Fontys Dance Academy in Tillburg.

  • Umber Stills

    Umber Stills


    Driven by friendship and curiosity Umber Stills started a journey exploring the musical possibilities of combining contemporary folk, rock, funk and more. This Spanish-Dutch band consists of singer-songwriter Ato, bass player Ronald and multi-instrumentalist/composer Robin. Their Stukafest gig is the first one under their brand new band name: Umber Stills. Check it out!

More information

This event is organized by Stukafest with cooperation of Studium Generale.

Contact: Has Klerx (Studium Generale).

Pictures header image: Jorie Slagmolen

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