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House rules university library

In order to keep the library a tidy and pleasant place in which to study, there are some house rules. The full set of rules can be found on the university library regulations page.


Library access policy

The library access policy has been revised since the reopening of the library. The Executive Board have made the following decisions:

  • The library will be open for visitors on weekdays between 08:00 - 17:00 hrs. Visitors without an acces card can ask at the library desk to open de gates.
  • On weekends and on weekdays after 17:00 hrs. the gates will remain closed, and access is only possible for visitors with a Tilburg University card. 
  • During examination periods, access to the library is only possible with a Tilburg University Card.

Library opening hours

The library is open on:

  • Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 24:00
  • In the weekend between      10:00 - 24:00


Visitors to the library are required to show their Tilburg University Card or a valid ID to university library or security staff, when requested to do so.


No animals, other than guide dogs for the blind and/or other assistance dogs, may enter the university library.


The university library accepts no liability for damage to, and/or theft of visitors' personal belongings.

Group study and individual silent zones

The university library provides defined work areas for individuals and groups.

Level 0

Level 0 is equipped with group study places and concentration study areas. A maximum of 2 people are allowed to work at one place. Level 0 is a whisper zone. Mobile phones should be kept on silent mode.  It is not allowed to use of listen to audio equipment.  

Level 1

On level 1, there are numerous group work stations for up to 4 students. 2 Students are also allowed to share an individual workplace. This floor is not a silent study area. Mobile telephones are permitted on level 1, but should be kept on silent mode. Use of headphones is required if listening to audio.

On level 1 there is a study café where it is possible to have your lunch and take a break during your studies. Please behave quietly and be considerate of fellow students and others studying on level 1 so that they do not cause any noise pollution and can study quietly.  

Level 2

Levels 0 and 2 are silent study areas and students and staff must be able to study in complete silence. On these floors, mobile phones must be put on silent mode and it is not allowed to use or listen to audio equipment.

Library and security staff will request any visitors causing a disturbance, to abide by the house rules with respect to order and silence. They are also entitled to escort anyone who disturbs the peace out of the library. They can deny offenders access to the library for some time. This sanction will always be confirmed in writing.

Computer use in the university library

The computer facilities in the library are for study purposes only. There are other areas such as the internet cafés in the Cobbenhagen and Dante buildings, for internet surfing, gaming or chatting.

The following rules apply to the use of computers:

  • The computers in the university library are only for use by Tilburg University students for personal practice or study. Students must have a valid university card.
  • Signing in to multiple computers with one account is not allowed.
  • A student account can be blocked in case of misuse, vandalism or theft.  Any damage to equipment will be charged to the offender.

University library and security staff monitor the proper use of the facilities. Anyone in violation of the rules, will be penalized. For example, the Executive Board can deny the owner of an account access to (parts of) the computer network, either temporarily or permanently.

Coats and bags

It is permitted to take coats and bags into the university library. If there is a reasonable ground for suspicion, library and security staff are entitled to inspect coats and bags, that have been taken into the university library. Coats and bags can be left in one of the many lockers on each floor of the library. The lockers open automatically at night, so be sure to empty the locker before leaving the library.

Food and drink

From July 1st, 2023 the rules concerning food and drink in the library have been amended. It is no longer allowed to eat and drink at the study places in the library. Only water in a sealed bottle is allowed.

Hot drinks and (cold) snacks may be eaten in the study cafe and lounge area in Zone S1.  If you would like hot food or a meal, you can now use the "Tuinkamer", at the restaurant.  This dining area has a number of microwaves and is open until 23:00 hrs. 


Damage and theft

Users should treat library materials and IT and AV facilities with respect. If any vandalism, abuse of the facilities or theft is observed, access to the facilities and/or the Library will be withdrawn. In the case of vandalism and/or damage, the offender will be responsible for any costs.

Lost and found

If you have lost anything or have found lost property, please report to the Library Support Desk on level 1.

At the end of the day, all lost property items found in the library are transferred to the security department in the vigilant building and can be collected from there.

The university library does not accept liability for lost property or damage to found property.