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University library will be closed from July 5 to August 29

An extensive renovation and remodelling of the library will be starting soon. On floor 1, the study café area will be expanded, more study places will be created, a section of the book collection will be relocated and the existing flooring throughout the library will be replaced.In order to carry out these refurbishments, the Library (building L) will be closed from Monday 5th July to Sunday 29 August. Level 0 will be closed earlier, from June 11th due to preparatory work.

Whilst the library is closed, study places and a limited library service will be available in the CUBE building.

If you are planning on borrowing books from our collection, you are requested to do so before July 3rd. If you need to return books, please return them if possible by Friday, July 2nd.  From Monday, 5th July, it will only be possible to return your books in the Cube building.

Library Services from the Cube

  • The Library Support team can be found at the temporary library desk in room 242, for questions/support/return and collection of books
  • Study places will be made available in this location upon presentation of your valid University card
  • New university cards can be collected at the Library desk in Cube room 242
  • The compulsory literature books (book code SB) will be relocated to room 242 and can be consulted by making a request at the desk.
  • If you have borrowed Tilburg University books, the loan of these will be extended for you, with a maximum period ending at 1st October. During this time, there will also be no overdue fines. If you have borrowed books from other libraries and the loan of these cannot be extended, you are requested to return them to room 242. If books are reserved, please return them to Cube room 242
  • It is only possible to make book reservations in the catalogue, for publications that are on loan or are housed in the depots (book codes CBM or CBC)
  • As the majority of books in our own collection will be unavailable during the library closure, we are providing everyone with the opportunity to order books from other libraries, for free. Students and staff can request these publications by selecting the ILL option in the catalogue, at no extra cost.   When you receive a notification that a book is ready for collection, you can pick it up in room 242
  • It is not possible to borrow any AV material whilst the library building is closed.
  • Data stream PCs remain unavailable. For questions, please contact:
  • External members of the library/ Brabant collection. If you have any questions regarding your membership or consulting material, please contact the Library Support team by email, or regarding Brabant Collection:, during office hours.

Opening hours building CUBE

  • Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Weekends from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Opening hours University Library due to COVID-19 measures

Read more about our services until July 5 on the special web page.