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LibKey Nomad browser extension: easy PDF downloading

Get easy access to PDFs from our subscriptions with the LibKey Nomad browser extension.

How it works

The extension is a piece of software (called a browser extension, add-on or plug-in) that integrates into your web browser. Once installed, the extension shows a clear indication of when PDFs are available on publisher pages and sites like PubMed and Wikipedia. It always shows a clearly visible icon at the bottom left of the page that you can click to open the PDF. No matter what site you are on, you no longer have to search for that PDF download option, as it will always be at the bottom left.

LibKey Nomad always link to PDF from our licensed resources. You get access through EZproxy.

Try it!

Install the extension now and see how it works with these sample pages:

You may also want to read the information below.


Download the version for your browser and select Tilburg University as your institution.

Publisher sites

The Download PDF button is always in the lower left corner of the browser window. Click it to download the PDF of the article. You no longer have to search for the correct link with each publisher.

LibKey Nomad
Libkey - Pubmed


Download buttons will be added to all references for which Tilburg University provides access to the PDF. If possible, an additional button will be added that leads to the index page of the journal issue in which an article was published. This will allow you to view and access other articles published in that issue.


Download buttons are added to all references where we can determine that we have guaranteed access to the PDF. Please note that this only works for references where there is a DOI in Wikipedia. References where no DOI is visible may also be accessible to us, but we cannot display a button for them.

Libkey wikipedia
Article retracted Tilburg University

Retracted articles

Occasionally scientific papers may get retracted because they are deemed to be insufficiently reliable. These papers should not be used as source material for your own research. It is common practice for publishers to mark retracted papers and publish a retraction notice. LibKey Nomad will also clearly indicate retracted articles by showing a red icon with the text ‘Article  Retracted’.

LibKey Nomad vs Library Access

LibKey Nomad is not our only browser extension. You can also install the Library Library Access extension. The extensions are complementary in terms of journal articles. Library Access has a wider range of additional features.

Why you should install them both