Financial databases

The financial databases

Tilburg University Library provides access to over 40 financial databases. Read about where to find and access the financial databases here.

Tilburg University Library provides access to over 40 financial databases including those of Thomson Reuters (Datastream, SDC, ThomsonOne), Standard & Poors (SDC, Compustat), Bureau van Dijk (Orbis) and IMF. You can find the full overview of the financial databases here:

Overview of the financial databases

At the top of this overview, you will find under 'How to use this list' how to search for the right database and how to access it. Some databases can be accessed from home; some are only available in the Data Lab, a dedicated room in Library building. 

The use of financial and other library databases is subject to our Terms of Use. In addition to these general terms, some databases may have other, more specific usage policies as well. Check the Help or Terms pages (if available) in the databases for more information.  In general, the Financial databases are not accessible to external visitors!