User guides and notes

User guides and notes

Some databases require an explanation about access and use. Some manuals and more information about access is available for Workspace/Datastream, SDC and WRDS.

** In January 2023, Tilburg University switched from Refinitiv Eikon, SDC, and Thomson One to a new unified and more flexible version of Eikon: Refinitiv Workspace. More information is available below.

Workspace (formerly known as Eikon)/Datastream

As of January 2023, the database Eikon is replaced by Refinitiv Workspace, a more flexible software tool enabling the user to access all the data formerly available in Eikon. The excel plugin version named Datastream is still available as well, through the Refinitiv Excel plugin. Data sets made with Eikon or the previous version of Datastream are compatible with the new Workspace.

You can access Workspace and Datastream from home or from a Data Lab computer. Although the Data Lab has reopened after closure during the Corona period, we strongly encourage that you continue to access Datastream from home (both for Windows and MacBook's) or on your own laptop. If this is not possible, you can reserve a PC in the Data Lab.

In both cases, please follow the steps below on how to get access:

  1. Apply for a Refinitiv account by sending an email to the financial data support officer via Use your Tilburg University email address as this database is available for Tilburg University students and staff exclusively. Please indicate in your mail whether you are a student of staff member and why you need access (research topic, variables, sample etc.). In your mail, please also indicate whether you want to work from home or if you want to reserve a PC in the Data Lab.
  2. After confirmation of your Refinitiv account, the data team will consult with you for how long you will be assigned a Refinitiv Workspace account + Datastream access. After your timeslot has ended, it is possible to request a reactivation of your Workspace account.
  3. Once a Workspace account (or reactivation) is requested for you by the data team, it can take up to 2 working days at the providers' side to process the request. You'll receive a confirmation email once the request is granted.
  4. Download the Workspace software. To set up the excel plugin of Datastream please follow the steps in the manual.

If you have scheduled a time slot in the Data Lab, please first report to the library information desk at the designated time. The library staff will check the reservation of the Workspace account. Then you can go to the Data Lab and log into Workspace on a PC with your Refinitiv account. 

Please note that the guides below could be slightly outdated because Workspace is a new database


As of January 2023, the SDC Platinum database has been integrated into Workspace. The standalone version of SDC Platinum will no longer be available! Please note that from now on we have access for all modules of SDC (formerly only limited to three modules).

To get access to the integrated version of SDC, please email to schedule an appointment.

The guides below could be slightly outdated because Workspace is a new database.


WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) requires each user to register for an individual WRDS account. Every Tilburg University student or staff member can apply for an individual WRDS account by filling out the form at WRDS. When the account is granted you can access WRDS from anywhere with your username and password. 

All bachelor students who apply for a WRDS account please choose a Masters Students account when asked to select an account type. 

  • Overview of IBES on WRDS
  • WRDS Learning Pathways – Instructional videos with guided tours, instructions, advanced information and tips on several WRDS data bases some of which are available for Tilburg University: CRSP, I/B/E/S, Compustat Global, Ownership Data, WRDS-SEC, and using Python and SASPy

WRDS launches Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Wharton has upgraded WRDS account security by utilizing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by Duo Security.

2FA adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. Verifying your identity using a second factor (such as your phone or another mobile device) prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password. The simplest way to use WRDS 2FA is by using the Duo 2FA app, available for IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

When you login in WRDS, you will see a notification about the 2FA launch. You will know when you need to register a device for 2FA if, when you log in to WRDS, a message appears alerting you that you need to enroll. In your account pages, you can also check your WRDS 2FA by Duo - Enrollment Status.

From 3 April 2023, SSH access will also require 2FA.

WRDS Class Accounts do not require 2FA at this time.

To learn more about Duo authentication, please visit the following links: