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Expand search terms in WorldCat Discovery

Published: 27th May 2020 Last updated: 27th May 2020

WorldCat Discovery can extend your entered search terms with synonyms or related terms.

This is done on the basis of a so-called thesaurus, a controlled vocabulary. If you enter a search term that appears in such a thesaurus, then WorldCat Discovery will automatically search for related terms as well. The functionality can be switched on via an option in the menu (1).

By clicking on the link include related terms (2) you will get an overview of the extra terms that were added to your search (3).

Related terms are only searched for if WorldCat Discovery finds the entered terms in an underlying controlled vocabulary. In all other cases it will only search with the term you entered. Currently a few English word lists (thesauri) are available. In the future, functionality may be extended to include more thesauri and related terms in other languages.