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Privacy Statement Chat

The chat of Anywhere 365 is used as a mean of communication between divisions of Tilburg University and (potential) students. The chat is currently used by three divisions, namely: University Library, Marketing & Communication and Student Desk. The chat of the University Library is also relevant for employees of Tilburg University and external parties. It is possible that other divisions will use the chat as well in the future.

The conversations that take place via the chat are stored. The conversations are stored in order to improve the service provision and to make it easier to help you the next time. Chat conversations are stored for the duration of 12 months and only accessible for a small amount of employees. You have the option to e-mail the chat conversation to yourself at the end of the chat conversation.

Relevant information discussed in the chat can be saved in the CRM-systems of the concerning divisions. It is possible that other retention periods are used for the stored information in the CRM-systems. Marketing & Communication applies a retention period of 2 years after the expected start date of the student for stored information in the CRM-system. Student Desk applies a retention period of 2 years after no active requests for enrollment are submitted.

For more information: general privacy statement Tilburg University.