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Academic Collaborative Center Inclusive Labor Market

The WRR, SER, VNO-NCW and the Work Regulation Committee paint a unanimous picture: it is time to reform the labor market. One of the structural problems that the corona crisis has magnified is insecurity in the labor market. We need to change course so that everyone experiences security of work and income again. This requires greater agility of individuals and organizations so they can develop sustainable careers. To bring this about, a new infrastructure is needed for the labor market. An infrastructure in which unemployment is prevented with the help of Lifelong Learning (LLO) and Work-to-Work (Van Werk Naar Werk) programs.

With the establishment of the Academic Collaborative Center Inclusive Labor Market, Tilburg University wants to contribute to breaking through the current power field. Together with its external partners, the workshop has set the goal of developing a common infrastructure by 2030, in which getting a job and moving from job to job is a guarantee for everyone - there is new security in the labor market. 


In the coming two years, the theme of moving from work to work will be central. Within this theme, the focus will be on three sub-themes: movement, new securities and mobility between organizations. With movement, the focus is on how to ensure that people develop throughout their lives and feel well prepared to move within and/or outside the organization. Within the sub-theme of new certainties, the central question is how we can ensure that people experience new certainties. The third sub-theme, mobility between organizations, focuses on the question of how we can ensure that people make the transition from surplus sectors to shortage sectors in line with their talents and competences and their need for security.   

Connected partners  

CNV, CSU, ING, NS, Philips, Rabobank, Randstad and UWV are core partners: they form the core team of the academic workshop that sets the course and participate in the entire program. 

KLM and Achmea are light partners: they participate in part of the program of the academic collaborative center. 

Academic Lead