Academic Collaborative Center Widespread Prosperity in the Region

More and more eyes are on the region. Because the increasing accumulation of social challenges in the field of energy transition, circular economy, housing, healthcare and labor market must be solved primarily on a regional scale. But how? And how do the chosen solutions contribute to broad welfare growth and to the well-being and wellbeing of people? To answer these questions, Tilburg University and Het PON & Telos have joined forces.

Within the Academic Collaborative Center, two themes are central in addition to Widespread Prosperity: Social Energy Transition and Inclusive Labor Market. These themes will be tackled in innovation hubs by scientists (for example in the Energy & Climate Community, dutch webpage) in collaboration with municipalities, businesses, housing corporations, energy companies, and more. Some partners have already come forward, with others we will start discussions in the coming period.

The workshop will initiate research, organize thematic meetings and facilitate knowledge networks. The results of the workshop will be communicated on a regular basis and activities will take place that are of interest to a wider audience. Science practitioners (professionals working partly in the participating institutions and partly within the university) also play a central role in the workshop. They form the connecting link between science and practice.


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Academic Lead