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CoEV: Center of Excellence of European Values

Many Europeans are unsure what 'Europe' does for them. On the other hand, policy makers often do not have an accurate picture of what is going on among the population. In the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of European Values (CoEV), experts from of Tilburg University’s core disciplines work together to gain more insight into the interaction between what Europeans find important and how policy makers deal with this.

The CoEV focuses on six key areas, which are priorities for the European Commission until 2024. The overall coordination is in the hands of Sociologist Tim Reeskens (TSB). In addition, a coordinator has been appointed for each theme. Within the themes, insights and additional data are collected to gain a better understanding of the support for the six EU policy themes. The CoEV is also developing the educational module 'The Futures of Europe', which is being offered to students in Europe through the ENGAGE initiative. Public events aimed at knowledge sharing are also organized in collaboration with Studium Generale.

Themes and coordinators

  • A European Green Deal: Saskia Lavrijsen (TLS) and Harald Benink (Tisem)
  • An economy that works for all people: Ton Wilthagen (TLS)
  • A Europe fit for the digital age: Marjolijn Antheunis (TSHD)
  • Protecting the European way of life: Monique van Dijk-Groeneboer (TST)
  • A stronger Europe in the world: Martijn Groenleer (TLS)
  • A new push for European democracy: Frank Hendriks (TLS)

European Values Study

The CoEV is based on the European Values Study, a large-scale international data collection project. For the past 40 years, data have been collected in dozens of European countries on what citizens consider important in terms of family, work, politics and society. Tilburg University has a coordinating role in this project, in the persons of sociologists Ruud Luijkx, Tim Reeskens, Inge Sieben and Quita Muis.

Upcoming events

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Our experts

  • TLS - Saskia Lavrijssen

    Saskia Lavrijssen

    #European law #energy market #good governance

    Theme:  A European Green Deal

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  • Harald Benink

    Harald Benink

    #financial crisis #European Banking #artificial stock market

    Theme: A European Green Deal

    Profile page

  • Ton Wilthagen 2021

    Ton Wilthagen

    #labor market #work participation #social politics

    Theme: An economy that works for all people

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  • Marjolijn Antheunis

    Marjolijn Antheunis

    #social capital #computer-mediated communications

    Theme: A Europe fit for the digital age

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  • Monique van Dijk - Groeneboer

    Monique van Dijk - Groeneboer

    #religion and mental health #youth and religion

    Theme: Protecting the European way of life

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  • Martijn Groenleer

    Martijn Groenleer

    #globalisation #regional governance #public policy

    Theme: A stronger Europe in the world

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  • Frank Hendriks

    Frank Hendriks

    #civil society #cultural and country differences

    Theme: A new push for European democracy

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  • TSB - Tim Reeskens

    Tim Reeskens

    #welfare #EVS #national identity
  • Quita

    Quita Muis

    #threat #public opinion #panel data
  • TSB - Inge Sieben

    Inge Sieben

    #social inequality #social stratifiction #EVS
  • Ruud Luijkx

    Ruud Luijkx

    #empirical sociology #EVS #methodoly and statistics
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The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of European Values is funded by the European Union, as a part of the Erasmus+ Program. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them. The CoEV is a continuation of former European Grants.