ENGAGE.EU - Let’s go beyond borders

Educational programs: learn beyond borders

We build a joint ENGAGE.EU campus with a common course catalogue and a range of real and virtual exchange opportunities embedded into our programs. ENGAGE.EU offers thematic modules, signatory courses, and micro-credentials to equip our learners with new skills and competences they need to tackle current and future challenges.

By widening our students’ and staffs’ international exposure, we will foster their responsiveness to society, to be knowledge-driven and open-minded citizens, who think out of the box and act across borders and disciplines.

Are you looking for a broader perspective on your education and are you ready for an international and interdisciplinary experience? Then step up and learn beyond borders.

Programs and courses

ENGAGE.EU gives you access to a European campus with a wealth of real and virtual exchange opportunities. You can learn from the best lecturers on topics that may not be offered in your study program and you gain valuable experience by being part of virtual, international classrooms with students from different countries. 

Our international study opportunities:

Elena Sofia Silva

“You can still be at home and follow courses from another university that is far away. My curriculum now shows my exchange programs and my interest in broader areas of the scientific world.”

Elena Sofia Silva, Student Cognitive Neuropsychology