ENGAGE.EU Expedition at WU in Vienna

Published: 16th March 2023 Last updated: 24th July 2023

ENGAGE.EU Expedition at WU in Vienna
21-26 May 2023
Deadline for application April 2, 2023

In May, our Austrian partner WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) organizes a new and inspiring Expedition. In this Expedition, students from within the ENGAGE Alliance join forces to address challenges addressing issues regarding the theme Inequality.

Challenge partners are the City of Vienna and Caritas (Austria’s largest NGO’s) and will focus on both the housing sector that can curb the increasing segregation and on effective measures to reduce poverty in Vienna. Both are areas in which the City of Vienna can show success, but this success is threatened by recent developments. Therefore, the development of new and up-to-date concepts is necessary. Developing proposals to new concepts is the central challenge of the expedition week.

Engage.eu WU Vienna

Students, as part of a diverse and international team, will develop an understanding of the challenge by connecting with local stakeholders. They will gain insight on how local stakeholders have addressed the challenge so far and will integrate their knowledge into the process of developing solutions to the challenges. Students will also move beyond the walls of the classroom by going to field visits and interacting with experts and practitioners to understand the challenge from a practical perspective. In addition to specialist knowledge, students will develop numerous other skills such as research, cooperation, dealing with uncertainty, solution-oriented thinking, organization and communication.

The expedition is open to all students with in their final bachelor year or enrolled in a Masters degree program. All disciplines are welcome.

More information on the Expedition is available on: Call for Applications: ENGAGE.EU Expedition @WU – ENGAGE.EU (engageuniversity.eu)

There are small scholarships available for selected students.

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