ENGAGE.EU - Let’s go beyond borders

Research community: team up beyond borders

By working together in the ENGAGE.EU networks for societal change we transform our engagement in research and innovation. We map and analyze societal change drivers, pool, share and link data resources. The ENGAGE.EU Think Tank offers researchers the opportunity to share and interact with European colleagues during a stay abroad.

We push the boundaries of research and innovation by joining forces with actors from industry, non-profit organizations and the public sector, aiming for durable impact. 

Are you open for an enriching experience and keen to act in a broader perspective with international impact? Then step up and work beyond borders. Contact us for possibilities to become part of this upcoming research community.

Community activities

Our Research community is a network where you can share knowledge and new insights and also can collaborate more intensively for original thinking, challenging the boundaries of research and innovation.  

Opportunities connected to the Research community:

“If we connect and collaborate via a platform like ENGAGE.EU, we can move faster towards solutions and can contribute to policy making and the international debate.”

James Small, Task Lead ENGAGE.EU

James Small