ENGAGE.EU - Let’s go beyond borders

Societal outreach: innovate beyond borders

We want to reinforce the societal outreach of European universities by enabling our learners, researchers and other stakeholders to act as responsible European citizens who have a positive impact on society. To make this happen we aim to create new ways to actively engage with society, so that societal challenges are well-addressed in our education and research, and – with that - our return to the world.

With challenged-based learning we enable the interaction, collaboration and co-creation of new knowledge and solutions by researchers and learners, together with external stakeholders. 

Are you ready to tackle European challenges with an international interdisciplinary team? Then step up and innovate beyond borders.

Programs and activities

Through our ENGAGE.EU Labs, Inno-preneurial Spaces and Work Integrated Learning Program we offer unique learning experiences - with the opportunity to apply acquired skills and knowledge to tangible problems - and an inspiring cooperation that generates value for society.

Several activities are connected to these programs:

  • ENGAGE.EU Expeditions: at a partner university and connected to an ENGAGE.EU Lab, for students. 
  • ENGAGE.EU Bootcamps: at a partner university and connected to an ENGAGE.EU Lab, for professionals. In development.
  • Work Integrated Learning Modules: at a partner university, for professionals. In development.


Marieke Schoots

“We have created different labs in which education, science, and society come together to collaborate on different social issues.”

Marieke Schoots, Work Package Lead ENGAGE.EU