Rowing, collobartion at its finest

Funding research

Tilburg University attaches great importance to the connection between science and practice. Tilburg University and public institutions are increasingly collaborating in the fields of research and education. This cooperation takes the form of, among other things, special and endowed chairs.

Endowed chair

For ideological reasons, an organization from outside Tilburg University may request a chair for a field of interest that is lacking at the university. If the theme is seen as an enrichment of the university’s range of research and education and if sufficient interest in education in this area is expected, a chair may be established within a School or institute of the university. This is called an endowed chair.

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Make a donation

For initiatives that need support and for which government funding does not (entirely) provide, the University Fund can build a bridge between university and society. In the first instance, this is financial support, but it can also be support in kind or cooperation and exchange. Support for innovative research projects, for educational initiatives and for activities and facilities for students and alumni.

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