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About Tilburg University Fund

Tilburg University Fund is an initiative that puts into practice Tilburg University's motto ‘Understanding Society’. The University Fund builds a bridge between university and society for initiatives that need support but that are not or not fully covered by government funding. On the face of it this is financial support, but it can also be support in kind or cooperation and exchange, i.e. support for innovative research projects, for educational initiatives, and for activities and facilities for students and alumni.

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Board and Committees


The board determines the strategy of the University Fund, ensures an independent and careful management of the funds and is responsible for raising funds.  The board of the foundation consists of:

  • Mariëtte Turkenburg (chair)
  • Cindy van Oorschot (treasurer)
  • Bert Groenewegen  (secretary)
  • Marc Cootjans (member)
  • Wim van de Donk (member)
Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board in forming an opinion on and preparing for decision-making in relation to the financial statements and interim financial reports. This committee consists of a Tilburg University graduate, the treasurer of the University  Fund and an employee of Tilburg University.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee supports the Board by making a network available for the recruitment of donations, or by making a financial contribution to one of the projects of the Tilburg University Fund. This committee consists of the chairman of the University Fund and several alumni of Tilburg University.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee supports the board by issuing advice on submitted and project applications to spend unsecured donations. This committee consists of alumni of Tilburg University.

Managing Director University Fund

Piet van Ierland is Managing Director of the Tilburg University Fund. He is also Managing Director of the Development & Alumni Relations Office of Tilburg University.

Development & Alumni Relations Office

The Development & Alumni Relations supports the Board of the University Fund and its committees supports the University Fund Board and its committees in the performance of their duties. This office consists of employees of Tilburg University.

  • Bert Groenewegen

    Bert Groenewegen

    Board member Tilburg University Fund

    "As board member of the Tilburg University Fund, I am convinced that a committed community of alumni and donors is indispensable in the strong connection with society that my Alma Mater has in mind. Generating more income through alumni donations is important, because this can be an additional financial source for education and research. With donations from alumni, the university strengthens the involvement of key stakeholders in its organisation.

    The university's current sources of funding are under increasing pressure. The number of university students is growing rapidly, but the resources from The Hague are not keeping pace. Per student, less can be invested in scientific staff and facilities. But also in education and research programs that bring the university's students to a higher level or with results that make an impact on society.

    The research funding from the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and the funding programs in Europe are subject to fierce competition. Although the Dutch universities score very well, the same is certainly true for a number of other European institutions. Here too, Tilburg University has defined concrete ambitions and invests in the networks and skills needed to obtain these funds."

Practical Information


The University Fund has an ANBI status. This means that all donations made to the University Fund are deductible from the taxable income.
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Official name of the University Fund

Stichting Universiteitsfonds Tilburg     

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Contact details

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Objectives and strategy

See the annual report for objectives and strategy of the Tilburg University Fund.

Tilburg University fund is supported by the Alumni Relations & Development of Tilburg University (see the strategic plan of Tilburg University).


The board and committee members are not remunerated for their activities.

Annual Reports

For an annual report on the activities and financial statements, please see:

Become a donor

With your donation to the Tilburg University Fund, you can support various Tilburg University projects. Projects that can achieve just that little bit more with a financial impulse. Or initiatives that require a financial contribution to get started.