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Tilburg University Fund

Tilburg University makes a long-term contribution to a better and more sustainable world through its teaching and research. Tilburg University Fund Foundation supports initiatives that have a positive effect on the impact of Tilburg University. Both close to home and far away. Now and in the future. We do this by making ongoing contributions. We do this with the support of a large and growing group of alumni. Together we offer additional financial opportunities for research, education, and scholarships. In this way we contribute to the university’s fine tradition of learning and sharing knowledge.

Giving together makes the difference

The first three students to graduate from Tilburg University did so on 5 April 1933. Their newly obtained Master's degrees also made them the first three alumni. The alumni network has grown to over 80,000 former students. We still have a close and warm connection with many of the alumni. It is therefore not surprising that this engaged community continues to play a role in providing opportunities for the university and its students. We have been approaching our alumni in a personal way with phone campaigns since 2009. We do this with a group of enthusiastic Tilburg University students. The students ask the alumni whether they would be willing to support the University Fund. The alumni network is the lifeblood of the University Fund. Without their support we would be unable to award scholarships and implement projects. A donation to the University Fund gives you the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research, educational innovations, and scholarships for talented Dutch and international students. Together we create substantial improvements for individuals and society. Every donation makes a difference. Every donation has an effect. Financial support over a longer period of time has a more sustainable impact.

Giving talent a future

Science and education are the building blocks for a bright future. Your donation will make a difference for students, lecturers, and researchers. More and more young people are going to university. That is good news. But government funding does not follow this trend. Less and less money is available per student, which means that investments in academic staff and resources are also decreasing. Our donors, people like you, ensure that special research and educational projects are still possible and that talented students are provided with a good basis for their future thanks to scholarships. In this way, we will continue to invest in a good academic climate with plenty of opportunities for talent, with projects that generate extraordinary new insights, and with innovative solutions that will really benefit society.

Important questions from society

The University Fund supports projects that are not included in the standard education and research program of Tilburg University. Projects that need a financial boost and address important questions from society. Questions that require scientific expertise.

More projects

Your contribution

Make a donation and support us! Support the remarkable research and educational projects. Support talented students who really need a scholarship. You can do this with a one time donation, an annual donation, a corporate donation, or a donation for a named fund. Choose the best option for you. That may be a bequest or legacy, in which case you will be leaving a valuable contribution for the future. Tilburg University Fund Foundation is an independent foundation with an ANBI status. This therefore means that making a donation also has tax advantages.

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Impact of donations

If you wish to know more about the impact of donations, then why not follow us on LinkedIn. We regularly post messages there, including updates on how our scholarship students are doing.

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A selection of projects

Employees, alumni, and students of Tilburg University can submit applications for the funding of a project. The projects are selected by the Board of the University Fund and the investment committee, both of which primarily consist of alumni, and they also oversee the best possible use of the donations. We work together with the International Office of Tilburg University for the allocation of scholarships.

Become a donor

With your donation to the Tilburg University Fund, you can support various Tilburg University projects. Projects that can achieve just that little bit more with a financial impulse. Or initiatives that require a financial contribution to get started.