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Support education and create scholarships

The University Fund believes in equal opportunities for all and therefore invests in education through student scholarships, talent development, and entrepreneurship. This enables us to give students from all over the world the opportunity to develop their talents. Many talented and motivated students would not be able to study in Tilburg without the University Fund. Support the University Fund and contribute directly to the future of science and entrepreneurship.

Fizzah Malik

“Education is something no one can take away from you, once you have it, it will be forever yours”

- Fizzah Malik from Pakistan obtained her master's degree in Economics thanks to a scholarship.

Create scholarships for students

Your donation helps make it possible for talented and motivated students like Taufiq to study in Tilburg. A range of scholarships have already been granted to highly talented students from around the world thanks to donations from alumni and companies with close links to Tilburg University. Of course we also offer support to Dutch students. We award top sports scholarships, exchange scholarships, and scholarships for students in financial need, for instance. Together with your support to the scholarship program we were able to help Fizzah Malik from Pakistan obtain her Master’s degree in Economics.

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  • Jo Vogten - donateur Outreaching Honors Program

    Jo Vogten

    Donor Outreaching Honors Program

    “Getting sponsored for a traveling seminar in North Africa and the Middle East was one of the highlights of my time at Tilburg University. It’s great that students who wish to do something extra in their program have an opportunity to do so through the Outreaching Program. Moreover, I am enthralled to still be slightly involved, albeit fifty years on, in the way in which students structure their academic training nowadays.” 

Give refugees like Dina the opportunity of a bright future

There are many young talented, ambitious refugees in the Netherlands, who will not inevitably be able to study at a university. This is due to language barriers or the fact that their previous qualifications do not meet the Dutch requirements for admission to university. Your donation will help us to offer these talented, ambitious refugees an opportunity to develop further and ensure that they can move on from a pre-Bachelor’s program to a university degree program.

Support our talented students in their development

Support excellent students

Social excellence is the primary focus of the Outreaching Honors Program. Students are challenged to find applications for scientific knowledge for themes and problems troubling society. In addition, they gain international experience and are prepared to pursue successful socially engaged careers. The program consists of various modules relating to themes like leadership, collaboration, and socially responsible entrepreneurship. 

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