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The University Fund supports education at Tilburg University with scholarships, and talent development and entrepreneurship programs. With your support you make it possible for students to prepare for a career in an international setting where competition is fierce. Education by top international scientists or by prominent experts is indispensable. In addition, you will make education at Tilburg University accessible to talented students who do not have the financial means to do so themselves.

Help students develop their talent

  • Jo Vogten - donateur Outreaching Honors Program

    Jo Vogten

    Donor Outreaching Honors Program

    "Getting sponsored for a traveling seminar in North Africa and the Middle East was a highlight of my study in Tilburg. It is good that current students who want to build something extra into their program can find that possibility in the Outreaching program. Moreover, fifty years later, I find it fascinating to be a little involved in how students are now completing their academic education." 

Create scholarships

With donations from alumni and companies closely involved with the university, several scholarships have already been awarded to top students from all over the world. Of course we also support Dutch students. For example, we provide top-sports students, exchange students and scholarships for students in financial distress. With your support for the scholarship program, we make it possible for example for Sunday Heagbetus from Liberia to obtain his master's degree in Economics at Tilburg University.

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Support the talent of refugees

In the Netherlands there are many young, talented, ambitious refugees, who do not automatically end up at a university. This is due to a language barrier or because the diplomas they have obtained in their country of origin do not meet the requirements  for admission to a university in the Netherlands. With your gift, you will give these talented, ambitious refugees a chance to develop themselves here so that they can move on to a university education after their pre-bachelor's degree.

Help these refugees realize their dreams

  • Beursstudent Fizzah Malik

    Fizzah Malik

    "Education is something no one can take away from you, once you have it, it will be forever yours"

    Fizzah Malik from Pakistan obtained her master's degree in Economics thanks to a scholarship.

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Support Entrepreneurship

Tilburg University believes in the power of social entrepreneurship. That is why we want to create a place where we work on this on a daily basis; where ideas are created that provide answers to social challenges. The center offers facilities, room for guest lectures and networking opportunities. In order to start up this playground for students, we need your support.

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With your donation to the Tilburg University Fund, you can support various Tilburg University projects. Projects that can achieve just that little bit more with a financial impulse. Or initiatives that require a financial contribution to get started.