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Scholarships via Tilburg University Fund

Knowledge, research and education are indispensable building blocks for a good future. The Tilburg University Fund Foundation bridges the gap between university and society for projects and initiatives that need a financial boost. With your donation you can give students, education and research the support they need to make a difference.

Thanks to donations by Tilburg University alumni and companies with close relations to the university, several scholarships have been granted to talented students from all over the world. Next to scholarships for international students, top sports and exchange scholarships have changed the lives of Tilburg University students.  These scholarships were created from donations during our annual Phone Campaign,  Have a Seat and earmarked gifts. 

Scholarship student stories:

Fizzah Malik

In Augustus 2016 Fizzah Malik from Pakistan started in her Master Program at Tilburg University. With the scholarship provided by the Tilburg School of Economics and Management alumni, she obtained her master degree in Economics.

'Education is something no one can take away from you, once you have it, it will be forever yours.'

Sunday Heagbetus

The journey that Sunday Heagbetus made from his homeland Liberia until he arrived at Tilburg University can be called admirable to say the least. During the interview with Sunday, it becomes clear what this optimist endured before he could take a seat in the lecture halls in Tilburg to follow a master's economy (track sustainability & growth).

'I want to do the same for Liberia now and help others out of poverty by developing our economy.'

Tea Kipshidze

In August 2017. Tea Kipshidze travelled from Georgia to Tilburg University. She will stay for two full years and will take the research master's in Sociology. In  this program she focuses on the acquisition and development of the statistical knowledge needed for her future research plans. Gathering this knowledge contributes to her goal of tackling one of Georgia's biggest problems: social inequality. 

'I want to contribute to knowledge development in Georgia.'

Robert Ndung'u

In September, Robert Ndung’u (32) flew to Tilburg University from a country with a diversity of climates, but where it is mostly warm and humid: Kenya. At his home university he studied Criminology. He really wanted to study at Tilburg University because this is the only university in the world where they offer the master’s program Victimology and Criminal Justice. It’s his dream to become a lecturer in Victimology. And with his knowledge that he gained at Tilburg University he can lecture other students and pass on the information he learned, so there will be more experts in Africa who can help victims. So he was grateful when he heard that he was awarded an alumni scholarship and could come to study here at Tilburg University.

'What I know now, can change lives in my country.'

Xiaoyue Zhang

Chinese student Xiaoyue Zhang (26) is doing a two-year Research Master’s in Economics at Tilburg University and is in her second year now. Her plan is to stay in the Netherlands for another four years to finish her Research Master’s and obtain her PhD.

'When I become an alumna, I want to relay this help to future students'

Justice Fushai

Justice Fushai (28) from Zimbabwe is studying the Master in Communication and Information Science degree in Data Science (Business and Governance Specialization). The scholarship from the University Fund allows him to continue his studies in a field in line with his background in Operations Research. 

'My goal is to be part of innovative changes in society'

Amaka Bianca Paddy-Okafor

Amaka Bianca (31), mother of two children is from Nigeria and is studying the track Human Rights of the Master International and European Law at Tilburg University. She always wanted to study Human Rights Law and this was the perfect opportunity. "I hope that one day I can contribute positively to the fight for Human Rights in Nigeria."

'I hope that one day I will be able to make a positive contribution to the fight for human rights in Nigeria.'

Zahra Sultany

Zahra Sultany is from Afghanistan. Because there was no Dutch embassy in Afghanistan, she had to travel to Pakistan to arrange her visa. Despite the fact that her trip was not harmless, she was determined to follow the master's in Global Management of Social Issues at Tilburg University. During her internship at Care Nederland she did research on social media use for women's rights in Afghanistan.  

'My research gave me even more insight into the challenges that women in Afghanistan have to face every day.'

Nolly Mlandu

Nolly (Nolwando) Mlandu comes from a small village in South Africa and has not had an easy period. After starting her Master's in Finance in Tilburg, she temporarily had to return to South Africa, because she turned out to be pregnant. A few months after her daughter's birth, she returned to Tilburg to finish what she had started. And that was not easy. Leaving her child with her sister was hard for her and a period of depression and insomnia began.

'Despite my situation, I will do everything I can and with my strong willpower I will achieve my goal.'