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Grant application Tilburg University Fund

The Tilburg University Fund supports projects for which regular university funding is not entirely forthcoming and thus need other financial support. It does so by providing grants. Tilburg University’s employees, alumni and students can submit an application for the funding of a project. The Tilburg University Fund for instance provides grants in order to stimulate academic research and education. The grants are only available to projects that align with the objectives of the fund and meet the criteria described below.


The deadline for the current application round is March 9 2020

For every application, the following should be kept in mind

Only future project expenses are eligible for coverage by a grant. It is therefore important that you hand in the application before the start of the project.




Your application must consist of:

Both documents must be sent to universiteitsfonds@tilburguniversity.edu with the title “Project <name main applicant> application 2020”

Decision-making process

Decision-making steps

Awarding of the Grant

Because the University Fund depends on donors, there are also certain obligations with regard to the awarded grant. For example, the University Fund expects regular updates that we can share with donors through various channels.  In addition, applicants may also be asked to explain their project at events for donors. After allocation, Tilburg University Fund will make agreements with the applicant about this.

Project completion

After completion of the project, an End Report must be submitted. The last 25% of the grant will only be paid if this report has been approved.


For questions regarding grants, you can contact:

Tilburg University
Tilburg University Fund
Postbus 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

E-mail:  universiteitsfonds@tilburguniversity.edu

T:  +31 13 466 8701

Become a donor

With your donation to the Tilburg University Fund, you can support various Tilburg University projects. Projects that can achieve just that little bit more with a financial impulse. Or initiatives that require a financial contribution to get started.