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Your donation will contribute directly to groundbreaking research at Tilburg University. The University Fund makes important research possible thanks to a financial source of support. Research with a societal impact. You can help increase that impact together with all the donors of the University Fund. Why not play a part in creating a sustainable future?

Research projects

Over the years, the University Fund has helped make many research projects possible. Thanks to donations through phone campaigns and donations for specific research projects, our donors have contributed to research at Tilburg University. Below is a selection of the most recent research projects.

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Enabling new research

If you wish to donate to specific research or to a focus area from an idealistic point of view, then you can, in consultation (depending on the theme), fund and establish a chair at a faculty or institute of the university. The Professor that will be appointed to the intended chair will be an Endowed Professor. An Endowed Chair is subject to a term of at least five years. The Foundation for Endowed Chairs (SBL) prepares the application for the establishment of an Endowed Chair and the proposal to appoint an Endowed Professor for the Executive Board of the university. If interested, please contact Tom van de Louw by email: t.vdlouw@tilburguniversity.edu. Or call 013 - 4664841 / 8701.

Additional information on endowed chairs 

Become a donor

With your donation to the Tilburg University Fund, you can support various Tilburg University projects. Projects that can achieve just that little bit more with a financial impulse. Or initiatives that require a financial contribution to get started.