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Academic Collaborative Center for an Inclusive Labor Market

An inclusive labor market that allows as many people as possible to participate and also provides valuable, sustainable, and rewarding work are important aspects of broad prosperity for society. In the Academic Collaborative Center for an Inclusive Labor Market, scientists and (societal) organizations come together to work on a labor market that works for everyone and where every talent can be developed and can contribute.

People who are gainfully employed feel better, have better health, a higher income, and more social contacts and development opportunities compared to people who cannot find or maintain employment. The working labor force is also highly essential in today's labor market, where aging population and fewer young people entering the workforce result in structural labor shortages. Without a sufficient number of people possessing the right knowledge and skills, important social transitions cannot be made. Yet, finding work is not a matter of course for everyone. Despite a large shortage in the labor market, there are still more than a million people who cannot find (sustainable) work or earn an insufficient income.

Working on Broad Prosperity

The ambition of the Academic Collaborative Center for an Inclusive Labor Market is to work on a labor market transition that can contribute as much as possible to broad prosperity, both socially and for the individual. Together with societal partners and stakeholders, the Collaborative Center focuses on the joint and co-created development of the knowledge and skills required to ensure that the labor market works for everyone. We jointly work towards better work, of a better and fair labor market, aimed at the future, in the interest of future generations, and in the light of a strongly aging society. 

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