Kracht in de regio

Regional strength

Tilburg University is central located between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the German Ruhr District. Regional partners in this area work together on innovation and entrepreneurship in national and international networks.

The province of Brabant has an international reputation as a European top region as regards innovation and knowledge, with an inspiring business environment. This earned  European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) of the year 2014 label.

Brainport and Midpoint

As a partner in Brainport, Tilburg University is closely connected to the region. Brainport’s philosophy is to work towards increasing wellbeing and prosperity through the Triple Helix: intensive collaboration between knowledge institutions, the business sector, and local and other governments. This has made Brainport one of the three pillars of the Dutch economy. Its success was also borne out by the fact that Brainport was proclaimed the economically best performing regions in the Netherlands in 2014, after it had been declared the smartest region of the world in 2011.

In Midpoint, the region is working on economic development through social innovation. Core themes are logistics, leisure, care, and aerospace&maintenance. Some examples include the establishment of L-Logic, that helps logistics companies improve operating efficiencies and Into D’mentia, in which people can experience what it is like to have dementia.

Tu/e, Tias and Graduate School

Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology are in relatively close proximity. They are natural partners and their cooperation is intensive. TIAS School for Business and Society is the Business School of both universities. According to the Financial Times, TIAS ranks first among the Business Schools in the Netherlands.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Tilburg University (TiU) intend to set up a Graduate School, an academic training center with three Master tracks: Data Science, Entrepreneurship, and Governance. The universities will join force to develop the fields of data science and big data given their crucial importance for society and the business sector. For that reason, there will be an international curriculum for PhD students s, Master’s studies, and entrepreneurs.

Social Innovation: Brabant Alliance

During her working visit on March 18, Her Majesty Queen Máxima witnessed the signing of the Brabant Alliance. The President of the Tilburg University Executive Board, Koen Becking, signed on behalf of the knowledge institutions in the region. The other signatories were Tilburg mayor Peter Noordanus, representing the local authorities, and Peter Struik, representing the regional business community. This Alliance contains commitments to work on social innovation now for tomorrow's generation in the areas of labor, care, and sustainability.

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