Vrijwel alle gebouwen van de universiteit zijn voor mensen met een functiebeperking redelijk bereikbaar en goed toegankelijk

Visitors with a disability

Everything you need to know about how to get to Tilburg Univerity. Discover all the practical information you need to prepare your visit.


As a rule, the university's buildings are easily accessible, accessible and walk-through. Of the stairs within Tiburg University, the top and bottom steps are marked. They are all equipped with at least one handrail. The elevators in the buildings of Tilburg University are generally small, but meet the requirements.

Buildings Tilburg University

Accessibility to individual buildings and halls can be found on the buildings website.


For occasional use, a wheelchair is available from the switchboard in the hall of the Goossens Building.

Visual Impairment

Facilities are available in the library for students with visual impairments (including Braille line (ALVA), TV magnifier, Scanner, magnifying texts, additional lighting).

Facilities for students with a disability

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Do you, as a student with a disability, have a question about educational facilities? Would you like advice on special arrangements or practical tips on how to cope with their studies? Then contact the education coordinator of your School