Toegankelijkheid Tilburg University campus voor minder validen

Accessibility campus building and (lecture) rooms

Many of our (lecture) halls are accessible if you are less mobile or in a wheelchair. Exceptions are listed on this page.

Get help from security by phone

By calling +31 (0)13 - 466 3000, it is possible to request assistance from security for such things as:

  • support with transportation/transportation
  • opening and closing doors when this causes problems for you

At some locations we have wheelchairs available, for extra support (e.g. in Reitse toren - via reception and buildings campus grounds via security).

Exceptions buildings

  • Deprez building: Only the ground floor is accessible.
  • Esplanade building: The top floors are not very accessible. 
  • Intermezzo: The door of the elevators does not open automatically and the elevator is too small.
  • Cobbenhagen building: The horizontal accessibility is sufficient. However, there are not many elevators in the building, so it is possible you need to take some detour.
  • Goossens building: The sloop of the floor to the elevators in the Koopmans building is relatively steep.
  • Reitse Poort: The doors to the hallway/elevators on the ground floor are small, the doors do not open automatically and the doors are heavy (there is no closing delay). 

For incidental use, wheelchairs are available at the Security in the Koopmans building (K9).

Exceptions (lecture) rooms

The following rooms are not accessible for students/lecturers who are dependent on a wheelchair:

  • CZ 05 (Cobbenhagen).
  • Silent Study room 023 (the bunker in Cobbenhagen: only accessible via the stairs).
  • C186 (council chamber Cobbenhagen) and C187 (study room in Cobbenhagen): not accessible for people in a heavy electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter. 
  • The break-out rooms on the first and second floor of the Tias building (only accessible via the stairs). 

The following rooms are partially accessible (only at the top) for students who are dependent on a wheelchair:

  • CUBE 1a and CUBE  1b (via the elevator which is only accessible under supervision).
  • DZ 1, DZ 2, DZ 3 en DZ 4 (via a ramp and automatic doors) in Dante.
  • CZ 115 (Cobbenhagen).
  • WZ 01(Warande).
  • CZ 10 (Cobbenhagen).

CZ 10 is accessible via the main entrane for students/lecturers with disabilities. There is a plateau elevator for which you need a key. The key can be obtained via the keymanager at the department of Security in the Vigilant building. Tel: 013 – 466 3000. After receival, the disabled person will be supervised the first time by an employee of Safety & Security and he or she will receive instructions on how to use the elevator. Read the instructions. 

Lecturers who are dependent on a wheelchair can not always access the following rooms:

  • WZ 01 not accessible (Warande).
  • DZ 2 and DZ 3 not accessible (Dante).
  • DZ 1 (by guidance via the ramp outside to the basement) in Dante.
  • CZ 115 via MIVA-routes on the ground floor (Cobbenhagen). 
  • CZ 10: via MIVA routes basement (only accessible under supervision because of the absence of automatic doors) in Cobbenhagen. 

The following rooms are hard to access:

  • C186 (council chamber) and C187 (Study room): accessible via the elevator in the coffee chamber in Cobbenhagen. 
  • CZ 111 up to CZ 114 (only accessable by elevator near the aula) in Cobbenhagen.

The first and second floor of the Goossens building are hard to access. The elevators are located in the Koopmans building on the west side near the slope to the Goossens building.

Sufficiently accessible for students and lecturers:

  • GZ 101 (the room is accessible via the top of the room and via the west side through the automatic glass doors.
  • DZ 4 (via the main entrance) in Dante.