Hearing problem

What facilities are there at the university for the hearing impaired?

Hearing impaired people can use two systems on campus. In a number of lecture halls, a loop is available. In addition, an FM system is available in the auditorium, among other places. At the entrance door of a hall or cubicle, it is indicated which system is used.

Induction loop

Building Location
  • CUBE 1 (both 1a and 1b)
  • Both digital exam rooms (241 and 242)
  • Dz 1
  • Dz 2
  • Wz 1
  • Gz 101

FM System

An FM system consists of a separate hand-held microphone (transmitter), which picks up the voice of the speaker and transmits it wirelessly and directly with radio waves to a very small radio (FM) receiver, which is connected to a hearing aid.

At Tilburg University there are two systems, namely

  1. A fixed FM transmitter (in the Aula) with 3 receivers. Here discussion is possible between several hearing impaired people and the speakers do not have to pass the transmitter to each other. The receivers can be requested at the control booth of the Aula. This works like a loop around the neck and can be used by setting the hearing aid to loop mode.
  2. Two separate FM sets, with the speaker hanging a transmitter around the neck and the student/visitor hanging the receiver. In this way, this equipment can be used in almost any location. These FM sets can be picked up at the LIS Service Desk.

When using the Ruth First zaal, you can call on LIS Service Desk.