Voorzieningen bij Tilburg University voor mensen in een rolstoel

Facilities for people with physical disabilities

Various facilities are available for students and visitors with physical disabilities.

Vending machines

Most vending machines (coffee, soda, candy) are easy for wheelchair users and small people to operate.

Information desks

Both the Library and Student Desk are equipped with an adapted section for visitors in wheelchairs.

The counters in the restaurant and the canteens do not all meet the requirements. Nevertheless, there are hardly any practical problems here.

Copy machines

The copy machines are all too large for independent use by wheelchair users and small people. A more usable low machine is available at the library by appointment at the Library Desk.

Wheeled workstations library

There are some elevated and therefore submersible workstations available in the library. Please make an appointment via the Library Desk to use this work space.

Loading bay for mobility scooters and wheelchairs

Not present, but if such a loading area is needed please contact Anita Mosterd.

Studying with a disability?

Do you have a question about educational facilities? Would you like to learn more on our special arrangements or practical tips on how to cope with your studies?