Aangepaste toiletten Pixabay 28-4-22

Where can I find disabled toilets?

Disabled toilets can be found in several buildings.

Disabled toilets are provided at the following locations:

Building Floor Location
Academia Ground floor  
Cobbenhagen Ground floor
  • CZ 10 (behind the lecture theater)
  • C 47 
  First floor
  • C 175
  • Near CZ 115
CUBE Ground floor  
  Second floor
  • Near 212/248
  • Near 223/245
Dante Ground floor
  • Opposite DZ 9
  Third floor
  • Opposite DZ 301
Esplanade Ground floor
  • In the corridor behind the elevator beside the black box
Goossens First floor
  • Next tot GZ 106
Library On all levels
  • In the NW-corner
Montesquieu Ground floor
  • M 61
  Third floor
  • M 364
  Sixth floor
  • M 691
Olympia Ground floor
  • Near the changing rooms (disabled shower cubicle)
Restaurant Ground floor
  • Near the main entrance
  • In the hallway at Tilbury's
Simon Ground floor  
Warande Ground floor
  • Rear of the foyer, near the stairwell
Zwijssen Ground floor
  • Opposite the entrance