Tilburg University Academia building

Lactation room in Academia building

View the arrangements for room A 458 in Academia building.

Lactation room A 458 is located on the fourth floor and is freely accessible to staff and students. This room is equipped with a comfortable chair. This room can be locked from the inside and by means of a sliding sign on the door you can indicate whether it is free or occupied. As it also serves as a shower room, placing a refrigerator is not possible. If someone at Academia needs to use the lactation room, FS (Facility Services) can, upon request and in consultation with the employee, provide a small refrigerator near the workspace for storing expressed milk. Alternatively, the milk can be stored in the refrigerator in the organizational unit’s/Department’s pantry.

The procedures for using the lactation room (A 458) in Academia Building are as follows:

Are you an employee?

  • Employees can then reserve the lactation room themselves by checking the availability on the Outlook Calendar (Location = Lactation room AS) and selecting the desired time slot for expressing milk.

Are you a student?

  • Prior to the lactation period, go to the front desk receptionist in Building A. The front desk receptionist then checks the electronic calendar (Outlook) to see if the desired lactation room is already being used by more students or staff for lactation. They then see when the student can reserve the room, and the receptionist creates a reservation for the student in this calendar.

After the lactation period

After the lactation period, the student informs the front desk receptionist in building A that the lactation period is completed.