Tilburg University Academia building

Academia building

Designed by architect Hugh Maaskant (1907-1977), the building dates from 1972 and is now called Academia Building.

Academia Building

It was designed as an art school, hence the sloping glass facade on the north side, with the most favorable (sun- and shadow-free) light for artists. Surrounding a huge hall, the studios were situated, which were connected to the other spaces by wide presentation balconies, small rooms, and open staircases.

When the building was threatened with demolition at the beginning of the 21st century, resistance quickly arose. Under the leadership of the late professor Harry Peeters, the action group BAM (Behoud Architectuur Maaskant) was founded, after which—thanks to Peeters' good contacts—the building obtained the status of municipal monument.

Academia Building has been renovated several times and provided with new residents. In the year 2020, it contains mainly lecture and meeting rooms and organizations for student services. The most striking change is formed by the colorful, round or oval halls and rooms that have been added here and there. They have been installed reversibly, which means that they can be removed without damaging the original architecture.

More about history and academic heritage

The Tilburg University academic heritage is a very diverse set of archives, visual materials, collections, devices, recorded stories, et cetera that relate to the history of the university.