Faculty Club

Faculty Club

The building by architect Hans Timmermans has a natural stone exterior, referencing Cobbenhagen Building by architect Jos Bedaux.

Faculty Club Building

Until the 21st century, the university did not have suitable, representative spaces to receive guests or have lunch or dinner. The plot is located at the edge of the Warandebos, which in the design by Timmermans (Shift Architecture and Urbanism, Rotterdam) has been given a prominent place: it can be seen from all angles and the rear façade of glass even offers a panoramic view of the forest. Inside, the building is sleek and businesslike. It does not have the monastic look of Cobbenhagen Building. Because of a withdrawn dark plinth, the building seems to float above ground level. The building received the National Steel Award and won the prestigious Red Dot Design award.

The Faculty Club has two meeting rooms for groups of 4–,30 people, an area for dining, and a lounge with a fireplace. The building is often used for receptions, drinks, and buffets and for the reception of international or even royal delegations. In the central space, there is a diptych by photographer Wout Berger with the “new” landscape as subject. In this case, seemingly barren, raised construction areas from which a new nature nevertheless manages to develop.

More about history and academic heritage

The Tilburg University academic heritage is a very diverse set of archives, visual materials, collections, devices, recorded stories, et cetera that relate to the history of the university.